Cooperation against police violence

With cooperation against police violence you can report any police officer that attacks you, your friends or your community. You can upload text video and other visual proofs of police attacks.

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About us

KGP-Sachsen is an organization dedicated to fighting police violence and misconduct. We are currently active in Dresden and have partners in different parts of Germany


Our goals

For you to understand better where our organization is moving we've specified certain list of goals that we are trying to reach through our daily work. If you have some criticism or thoughts feel free to contact us.



As a result of our work we are publishing different researches and news on police activity and police problems in Saxony. You can find those updates in our blog or in social networks.

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We have created different ways of contacting us. Apart from coming directly to our office we are present in several social networks. We also have accounts in different internet messengers and in case of emergency you can contact us via phone.

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