Report police violence

Have you witnessed police violence or are you affected yourself? Tell us what happened. Feel free to leave a contact so we can get back to you. Please report the incident even if you do not wish to press charges or remain anonymous. Documentation of incidents is important."

Please enter your data so that we can contact you. We treat your data confidentially and do not publish any personal data. You can find information about this in our privacy policy.


In case you do not know exactly what information you can share, we have prepared some questions to help you

  • What happened?
  • What actions have you observed?
  • What was done to you or others?
  • Were there more people present?
  • Are there contacts with other witnesses?
  • What were the consequences of the police actions?
  • Were people detained? Where?

You have further questions or need support?
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This is a service of the Cooperation against Police Violence Saxony. You can find more information about the initiative at The technical details of this complaint form can be found at here.